Healthcare Professional Training

Healthcare Professional Training

The recent training evenings which were held at the MSTC at Wellington House, proved to be a real success. They were attended by various education professionals from all over Essex, and provided valuable information about our services. These sessions were designed for teachers, LSA’s, SENCO’s, OT’s, Education Psychologists and other healthcare professionals who’d like to know more, or refresh their knowledge about our services. The purpose of the training is to help these professionals to support children’s learning and development, as well as creating a network of support.

We have also recently delivered training on site at Engines School in Little Clacton and are also providing the same service at Clacton Coastal Academy later in the month. Providing training to over 60 people in these two sessions!

Please contact us if you are interested in arranging training either at our Centre in Colchester or at your organisation. We are more than happy to provide a quote, further details or just simply answer your questions.



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