Cake and Coffee Morning

Is your child struggling with reading and copying from the board? Are you concerned that they are not coping with noisy classrooms and spoken instructions? Or perhaps you have a child that is unusually fidgety, distracted or easily upset?

Whether or not your child has had a firm diagnosis of a condition such as autism, ADHD or dyspraxia, these kinds of issues often indicate a sensory difficulty that can respond very well to a therapy programme and small lifestyle changes; however, we realise sometimes it’s difficult to know where to begin.

Take the opportunity to come along and look around our Multi Sensory Training Centre to meet the team and find out more about how we can help your family: It’s a chance to have an informal chat with Dr Grounds and Hayley about your concerns and explore the options we can provide to improve your child’s comfort, attainment and confidence. We can give you an idea of how our therapy programmes work, the kinds of exercises that can make a difference and show you our DIY sensory room that may give you inspiration to recreate something similar at home. Plus, we’ll have plenty of coffee and cake on hand to share with you over a natter!

If you’re a parent, relative or caregiver of a child who’s experiencing difficulties, or you’re an educator who’d like to learn more about how to help a child you have concerns over, please do pop in and see us on Wednesday 4th July 09:00 to 12:00. You will be warmly welcomed.

IMPORTANT: Please note the nearest car paking is in Colchester’s town centre.

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