How Will My Child’s Sensory Processing Disorder Affect Their Learning?

We receive and process sensory information though our seven senses; sight, smell, hearing, touch, taste, balance and body awareness, but for some children there are certain lights, sounds, smells, textures, tastes, movements and body positions that can create a feeling of sensory overload, which can make them feel overwhelmed, anxious and upset.

Hypersensitivity (sensory avoiding) and hyposensitivity (sensory seeking) are the two types of sensory processing difficulties and most children experience a mixture of the two: While sensory processing issues are not a learning disorder or even an ‘official’ diagnosis, these difficulties can make it very hard for children to settle and succeed at school.

Sensory avoiding children can find sensory stimulation overwhelming. They may:

Sensory seeking children, on the other hand, crave more sensory stimulation. They may:

Many of these behaviours overlap with the symptoms of ADHD, from trouble sitting still, to melting down when they are expected to change activity, and these processing difficulties can make coping in a school environment extremely hard: The hustle and bustle of the classroom, messy play, the overcrowded dinner hall, the playground – it’s easy to see how these can all lead to a child feeling anxious about going to school.

There is no medication to treat sensory processing issues, but there are coping strategies and therapies, as well as practical changes you can make at school and home to help your child feel and do better. At the MSTC we can help by engaging your child in physical activities that are designed to regulate their sensory input, by creating a programme of exercises for you to do at home and by offering tips and tricks that you can discuss with your child’s teacher, to help them feel more secure and able to focus.

With your support and our strategies children with sensory processing disorders can be successful in class, on the playground and with friends.

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