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What on Earth is Dyscalculia?

Dyscalculia is a learning disorder that is characterised by difficulties with numbers. Just as people with dyslexia process words differently, so those with dyscalculia will process numbers differently. Individuals with dyscalculia will have significant problems with counting, basic maths function, calculations, telling the time, even remembering numbers, like a phone number, for example. To be […]

How Will My Child’s Sensory Processing Disorder Affect Their Learning?

We receive and process sensory information though our seven senses; sight, smell, hearing, touch, taste, balance and body awareness, but for some children there are certain lights, sounds, smells, textures, tastes, movements and body positions that can create a feeling of sensory overload, which can make them feel overwhelmed, anxious and upset. Hypersensitivity (sensory avoiding) […]