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Help! I think my child may have anxiety – what do I do?

Anxiety in adults is often managed through talking therapy, CBT or medication. However, increasingly we are seeing anxiety in children who may not have the self-awareness to express their feelings in a way that makes clear what is causing the problem or how we can help. For children especially, the most difficult thing about anxiety […]

What is Colorimetry and How Can it Help My Child?

Colorimetry is used to accurately prescribe tinted lenses to help people who have trouble reading because of visual perception problems: For some people, specific colours can be very effective in reducing visual stress. Prior to colorimetry, people often start using coloured overlays to assess the effectivity of using colour to help with reading. When found […]

Cake and Coffee Morning

Is your child struggling with reading and copying from the board? Are you concerned that they are not coping with noisy classrooms and spoken instructions? Or perhaps you have a child that is unusually fidgety, distracted or easily upset? Whether or not your child has had a firm diagnosis of a condition such as autism, ADHD or dyspraxia, […]

Get Your Child Ready For Education

To help expand our centre, we have recently developed a service for younger children of between 3-5 years old know as EYFS, Early Years Foundation Stages. A therapy programme based on providing your child with the essential skills for learning. If you feel your child isn’t reaching their potential, then a specific set of exercises […]

Healthcare Professional Training

Healthcare Professional Training The recent training evenings which were held at the MSTC at Wellington House, proved to be a real success. They were attended by various education professionals from all over Essex, and provided valuable information about our services. These sessions were designed for teachers, LSA’s, SENCO’s, OT’s, Education Psychologists and other healthcare professionals who’d […]

Radio Show

On Sunday 8th October we appeared as guests on Chelmsford Community Radio on the ‘Life Matters’ show hosted by Ruth Gravelle. Dr Annette Grounds, Hayley Green and Dan Edwards from Patrick & Menzies Opticians were interviewed about the type of work that we do at the MSTC. Annette particularly gave a great insight into how […]

Maze Coffee Morning

In October we spent a morning in the Firstsite art Gallery meeting parents, organisers and other professionals at a MAZE coffee morning. This was the first MAZE event we have attended however we hope to be able to attend many more in the future. The coffee mornings provide parents the chance to gain advice and […]

New Sensory Room

In October we created a new sensory room at the centre which is now allowing us to do more sensory integration work with children. Although this work was already being carried out by our therapists at the VTC, the lack of space meant they were never able to use their knowledge in this areas to […]