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The assessments we do and the exercises and therapies we recommend are designed to improve the visual and auditory processing systems that a conventional eye examination or hearing test would not help with.

Motion detection, rapid fixation, tracking, visual and spatial perception, are known as ‘top down’ systems. We also work on the balance and coordination processing, known as a ‘bottom up’ system.

These systems work together and are linked in the brain by the cerebellum and by working on both systems simultaneously; we have more success in supporting you and your child in improving the problems they may have.

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Our Team

Dr Annette Grounds

Behavioural Optometrist

Dr Annette Grounds has spent 27 years developing a unique Multi-Sensory therapy approach to help children with a variety of learning difficulties.

Annette said: “I have seen so many children change dramatically over the years; children with low self-esteem and low self-worth becoming confident young people who have turned their lives around. It is hard to express the amazing feeling when a child returns showing increased confidence and enjoying school, getting better grades and understanding. Accepting that they are not stupid but that they may need a little support or to do things in a slightly different way.

“Over the past 27 years I have enjoyed building up the support we can offer the amazing children we see. We are able to help them become more confident and be successful so that they can achieve their full potential.”

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Hayley Green

MSTC Owner & Primitive Reflex Specialist

Hayley has worked alongside Dr Grounds as a Primitive Reflex Specialist since 2014. She has a degree in Biological Sciences which she obtained at the University of Essex. Hayley is trained in Rhythmic Movement Training and Reflex Integration. She also has Level 2 certificates in Understanding Autism and Understanding Dyslexia and other learning difficulties. She is extremely passionate about the work she does and  firmly believes that every child can reach their potential if they encouraged in the correct way.

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Appointments and Fees


The appointments we offer differ greatly as every child is different. Sometimes their needs are complex and multi-layered, sometimes their needs are much simpler.

This means the type of appointment they require will vary. That’s why we offer a wide range of assessments tailor-making a program specifically to suit the child. After the first assessment the appointments are typically 3 months apart depending on your child’s needs. In the first instance, it’s best to contact the centre to discuss your child’s particular needs. Then complete one of our pre-assessment questionnaires. Ready for your child’s first assessment.

Our appointment fees range from £50 to £300. 

You can contact the centre on 07399343657 or
email enquiries@mstcentre.co.uk

We will be very happy to talk and provide as much help as possible.

Please note some appointments will require an up to date eye examination, (within 6 months)

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