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What is dyspraxia and how does it affect learning?

Dyspraxia has been in the news recently with the character of Ryan in the new Doctor Who series raising awareness of the condition. It’s even been the subject of a question on The Chase! But what exactly is it and how does it affect those with the condition? What is dyspraxia? Dyspraxia is also known […]

Has My Child Got Auditory Processing Difficulties? – Can MSTC Help?

Does your child seem to struggle processing sounds and instructions? For example, does your child: Appear not to hear properly, but passes standard hearing tests? Ignore what you are saying if they are not looking at you? Respond inconsistently to speech, often misunderstanding what is said? Have difficulty listening and paying attention in a noisy […]

What is ADHD and Can it Be Treated?

You have probably heard of ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. It’s the most common behavioural disorder: Estimates say roughly 6% of children in the UK have ADHD, with three times more boys than girls being diagnosed. What is ADHD? ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder which is defined by challenging behaviour such as inattentiveness, hyperactivity […]

Help! I think my child may have anxiety – what do I do?

Anxiety in adults is often managed through talking therapy, CBT or medication. However, increasingly we are seeing anxiety in children who may not have the self-awareness to express their feelings in a way that makes clear what is causing the problem or how we can help. For children especially, the most difficult thing about anxiety […]

What are Visual Processing Disorders?

Visual processing disorders (VPD) occur when there are issues processing the information the eye sees. While they may frequently affect people with Special Educational Needs, they are also common with those who have language-based learning disabilities, such as dyslexia (which is trouble with processing language) or dyspraxia (which is a coordination disorder). There are several […]

What is Colorimetry and How Can it Help My Child?

Colorimetry is used to accurately prescribe tinted lenses to help people who have trouble reading because of visual perception problems: For some people, specific colours can be very effective in reducing visual stress. Prior to colorimetry, people often start using coloured overlays to assess the effectivity of using colour to help with reading. When found […]

Cake and Coffee Morning

Is your child struggling with reading and copying from the board? Are you concerned that they are not coping with noisy classrooms and spoken instructions? Or perhaps you have a child that is unusually fidgety, distracted or easily upset? Whether or not your child has had a firm diagnosis of a condition such as autism, ADHD or dyspraxia, […]

Optician Awards Ceremony

Thank you to all who wrote such wonderful testimonials, supporting my nomination for this award, and also for your kind words and wishes on Facebook. Whilst I didn’t win the award, I was amazed to be shortlisted and feel very proud of the work we are doing at the Multi -Sensory Training Centre. The event […]

Dr Grounds Shortlisted for Optometrist Of The Year

Dr Grounds has been shortlisted for Optometrist of the year at the Optician Magazine Awards in April. The biggest awards ceremony in the optics industry, the Optician Awards celebrates achievements in all areas of optics, from products to practices. But one of the most prestigious awards is the Optometrist of the year. Dr Grounds said: […]